Holy Communion
June 10, 2018

"Poetry is the art of saying things you didn't want to know".
David Whyte

The Navigators and I recently performed at the alter of the Holy Trinity Church amidst the ghosts of our kneeling ancestors. In between the songs I read poems - scaffolding inserted to hold the space, poetry being "a language against which we have no defence" (David Whyte) massaging our hearts towards opening afresh.

I was reminded of the rote learned party pieces, the liturgies etched into every cell through repetitive Sunday communions, songs from the radio with every word sung perfect (don't ask me how or where or when each was learned). We are shaped into who we have become - slipping into being and arriving at each moment with those familiar carry on bags - often oblivious to choices which may have redirected our lives towards potent newness, cliff edges, falling and flying. Each moment being a reminder of what is being lived. And what is not.

Playing in the church was a beautiful reminder of how context becomes interwoven with each story told, each song sung. Being in a space that allowed for silence and listening, to deepen beyond the habits of a lifetime into something new and unchartered was a gift given and received with grace.