The Journey

to music and beyond.

Juliet McLean is a singer songwriter • who embraces the full scale of musical genre.

Juliet growing up in Taranaki New Zealand
Juliet with Peggy 1980.
With fingers on her (whatever type) keyboard she plays lyrical songs that are fused with folk and jazz, blues and soul, gentle rock and a drop of pop.
Growing up in rural Taranaki with a passion for words and music, Juliet discovered at an early age the relationship between solitude, creativity and the joy that brought her. However, it is only since 2013 that Juliet began to focus more consistently on her own songwriting, releasing “The Dance” EP in 2015.
During this time she met Rob Ju (drums) and Hamish Cameron (bass) and they continue to collaborate, currently recording a new album due out in 2019.
In 2018 Juliet received NPDC Creative Community funding for The Te Henui Sound Session and a released a live music video from this performance.
Her latest project “Orchestral Maneouvres In The Park” is a collaboration with local orchestral players on her original songs to be performed in Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, New Zealand.
These days Juliet balances the need for time and space to write with performing, teaching yoga, as well as various roles at festivals such as WOMAD New Zealand. She finds inspiration in travel, good conversations and sitting quietly…
A misty blend of pure, heartfelt lyricism cut against unexpected twists and twilight stylings. Blurred edges and a gentle sense of things not being quite as they first appear. A reward for the curious and the listener who likes to decide for themselves—not for the spoon feeders!
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