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Creativity draws us in the way it touches on the indescribable and slightly out of reach. Artists, poets, writers, musicians – we all continue to search for ways to express what the soul already knows.  And we are looking for ways to share that as honestly and as beautifully as we can.


“Music helps me to find my feet in ever-changing landscapes.

I am grateful for these feet of clay.”  - Juliet McLean. 


Tracking the journey of songwriting begins with the landscape we are born into.  Me? I’m the middle of three children, raised by artistic parents, eclectic music and the local wisdom that's the soil of rural Taranaki.  The family piano was a source a place of enchantment; a portal into the invisible world.  I started playing and singing along from a young age, but it’s only in recent years that I’ve returned to that invisible world  and begun to explore my own songwriting. 


These new songs became the EP “The Dance”, recorded and co-produced with Dave Carnahan at New Plymouth’s King Street Studio.  From this recording, a collaboration naturally evolved, with local musicians Rob Ju (percussion,) Hamish Cameron (bass), and Matt Herrett (guitar) joining me.  We play together regularly and it still feels so good, although a lot of Whittaker’s chocolate is consumed during rehearsals.  We are also involved in our own separate projects – music, families, day jobs.  Mine revolve around teaching yoga and Pilates, performing solo, and community arts work.