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"Music helps me to find my feet in ever-changing landscapes.
I am grateful for these feet of clay."

Unconfined and passionate singer songwriter Juliet Mclean grew up out on a limb in rural Taranaki,  understanding the place of solitude in creativity.  As a child, sitting at the family piano began her life’s conversation with music - ever-changing, ever-constant.  Over the past five years writing and performing her own songs has become the focus and has lead to many exciting opportunities.


She first played with Rob Ju (percussion) and Hamish Cameron (bass) during the recording of her first EP “The Dance” (2015) and recognising an easy alignment the collaboration continued.  Richie Isaacs (guitar) joined in 2017, along with various musicians for particular projects.  “Music is my work -  an extension of who I am - as is any work.  The crafting of the songs is the part I really enjoy, the refining and cutting back.  It helps to have trusted musicians who carry long handled pruning shears and aren’t afraid to use them”


Juliet Mclean was recently granted Creative Community funding by the New Plymouth District Council to undertake her project “The Te Henui Sound Sessions”.  This involves  recording and performing new music in the Holy Trinity Church, Taranaki’s oldest wooden church, and is due for completion by November 2018.